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5 Tricks for the Best Satellite TV Deals
December 27, 2016 – 10:58 pm
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Looking for bundle options and shopping around between different packages is a clear way to save money when looking for Satellite TV deals. After covering the basics, here are a few ways to take an additional step and save even more.

1. Call Your Provider, Get a Deal!

Complaining to your provider may seem like a cheap trick, but it is frequently effective — and you have every right to complain about an overpriced deal. Reports show that DirecTV customers may have gotten as much as by voicing complaints about service and lost channels. While all callers aren’t successful, the polite and persistent are typically rewarded with unexpected discounts.

So, how can you turn a torturous customer service call into real savings?

  • First, have a legitimate complaint that is directly connected to your Satellite TV provider, such as channels that the provider is dropping, unexpectedly higher rates, or a change in service contract terms.
  • Second, be courteous but single-minded: Make it clear you will switch to another provider unless a deal can be worked out.
  • Third, be persistent. These are special, case-by-case deals and do not happen without some patience.

2. Find Your Gift Card Paradise

In an effort to attract new customers, Satellite TV Providers link their packages to particular stores or organizations, giving you gift cards in exchange for your business. DirecTV is known for their deals with Target: Switch services, and get a Target gift card up to $250. Visa gift cards, electronics store gift cards — even Satellite Provider gift cards for purchasing extra TV products — are frequently used to draw over new customers. Look for current gift card deals from the best provider in your area, or search for a connection between one of your favorite stores and providers.

The catch to all these gift cards is obvious: Unless you use the gift card wisely, it does not help you save money at all. So, on the way to gift card paradise, plan on using this deal for groceries, necessary electrical components, or products that you would have bought anyway.

3. Season of the Dish: Research Your Discounts

Satellite TV Providers . Most discounts last for a few months, or the first year of service. Some apply to temporarily free channels and installation services. All change frequently as providers compete with each other, Cable TV, and Internet TV services. This competition has grown fierce, spawning a number of new discount programs that help you find even better Satellite TV deals. Get ready for serious research because these discounts can take time to sift through properly.

Satellite TV deals sometimes require an extra step.First, search for deals by the season. Certain deals occur in the summer, while others start in the winter (more in the summer, when TV viewer numbers drop because of outdoor activities).

Second, look for specific deals for your demographic. Senior discounts and family discounts are common. Just because there was no discount available for service last week does not mean you cannot find one today.

Sometimes waiting for the right discount can be the wisest money-saving move of all.

4. Combine Satellite and Internet TV Capabilities

Customers frequently find that the best Satellite TV deals miss out on the channels they really want. Maybe there are a few sports channels that get left at the wayside to lower costs. Maybe pay-to-watch channels like HBO and Showtime are not included in the package. Perhaps a few House & Home, extras or comedy channels get left out.

If you find yourself in this common dilemma, wait before you choose a package with a higher cost. Sometimes combining Satellite and Internet TV options can help save you money. For example, economy packages might skip out on ESPN, but ESPN offers its own WatchESPN service, so you can watch games live on computers, TVs, and mobile devices. Other channels offer similar, pick-and-choose deals that you let stick with your economy Satellite TV options, but purchase extra favorite channels on the side. Of course, the real savings will only show up if you can save money by purchasing both select Internet TV services and a low-cost Satellite TV package. Compare options to see if this option works for you.

5. Agree to Go Electronic

Satellite TV Providers have a habit of offering extra discounts if you sign up for automatic bill pay and electronic statements. This gives the providers assurance of payment and helps them save money, so they pass some of the savings on to you with Satellite TV deals. However, there are a few catches.

First, these discounts are not guaranteed, especially as automatic payments grow more common. Ask about discounts for electronic payment to find more information from a particular provider.

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