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Winegard Pathway X2 Bundle
August 24, 2022 – 12:46 pm
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wally-front-v3-20150710.jpgThe Pathway X2 features a generous 18” reflector which provides stronger signal and greater resistance to signal loss during inclement weather. This lightweight and portable antenna requires minimal set up time. The Pathway X2 features two coax outputs and can run up to two Wallys, ViP 211 or 411 series receivers simultaneously. The Pathway X2 also features a unique “two receiver” setup mode for specifically running two receivers at once. This antenna has an easy grip carry handle and an eyelet molded into the base for securing the antenna and providing an anti-theft capability.

With Pay-As-You-Go TV, there is no contract required, so you pay only for the months you use. When the season is over, simply stop your service without penalty.

  • Customers that already have a Wally, DISH 411 or ViP 211 series receiver only need to purchase the antenna.
  • Customers that DO NOT already have a compatible receiver must purchase the Pathway Bundle system with or .

Pathway X2 Features

  • Automatically finds and toggles between DISH satellites from Eastern Arc (61.5°, 72.7°, 77°) or Western Arc satellite orbitals (110°, 119°, 129°)
  • Seamlessly view different channels on two TVs* (second receiver needed)
  • A larger reflector means no more toggling: all your programming is on one satellite
  • Enjoy different programs on separate TV's at the same time
  • Eyelet attached to base provides ability to lock-up antenna for added security
  • Easy grip handle for effortless carrying
  • Supports 2 receivers


  • Satellites Acquired: 110°, 119°, 129° or 61.5°, 72.7°, 77°
  • Unit Weight: 16 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21" diameter, 15" stowed height, 20.75" fully deployed height
  • Stationary Use Only
  • *Multiple receivers must watch programming from the same satellite, Pathway X2 antenna receives programming from 1 satellite at a time and moves between satellites as needed.
  • Satellite Antennas have a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty from the date of purchase

The DISH Wally® HD Satellite Receiver is the newest mobile receiver with a suite of new features for an enhanced user experience.

The Wally offers single tuner functionality with a smaller frame and expanded capabilities including the ability to enjoy a variety of apps and other great features. This new smaller design (10.41”w x 1.60”h x 8.11”d) allows for fitting into tight spaces. Included is an RF remote that allows you to freely operate the receiver up to 200 feet away, even through walls and obstructions. Never lose your remote again with the new Remote Finder feature. A chime guides you to the remote's hidden location.

Feature Enhancement Products:

Coupled with DISH Pay-As-You-Go program and a Portable HD Satellite Antenna, this is a mobile customer's ultimate package for satellite TV on the open road. DISH's Pay-As-You-Go program is simple & effective: No Activation Fees. No Disconnect Fees. No Restart Fees. Current DISH subscribers can add outdoor TV equipment for just per month for each receiver.

wally-back-panel-v3-20150710.jpgIf you already have a mobile antenna, check here to find out if it is a compatible antenna. If you haven't purchased a mobile antenna and also need a receiver, check out our Bundled Antenna options.

NOTE: If you only have COAX going into your TV, you can purchase an RF Modulator.


One-Receiver Mode:

Out of the box, using the Pathway X2 on “One Receiver” mode, the antenna will automatically find and toggle between all 3 DISH satellites available. This allows your main receiver to deliver every available channel provided in your programming package from DISH.*

Two-Receiver Mode: This is where the Pathway X2 really comes into play…

Using the Pathway X2 in its unique “Two Receiver” mode, the Pathway X2 will automatically lock onto a single DISH satellite orbiting in the Eastern Arc. What does this mean for you? The Pathway X2 on “Two Receiver” mode disables automatic toggling and provides disruption free TV viewing on both connected receivers.

On “Two Receiver” mode, both receivers connected to the Pathway X2 will seamlessly function off of a single DISH satellite which features a variety of common DISH programming.**

Western and Eastern Arc Option:

Another key feature of the Pathway X2 is the ability to switch between both Western and Eastern Arc DISH satellites. In “One receiver” mode, the default Western Arc “Mode A” (110, 119, 129) can be switched to the optional Eastern Arc “Mode B” (61.5, 72.7, 77). This feature allows for greater coverage flexibility and is useful for owners that live in or travel to certain Northeastern areas and Eastern coastal regions within the continental United States where Western Arc coverage may not be optimal.

*A secondary receiver can be used in this mode but TV interruption can occur on the secondary receiver and/or some user preferred channels/local channels may not appear on the secondary receiver.

**Some user preferred channels in your programming package may or may not be available for both receivers while in “Two Receiver” mode. Preferred local channels may also be affected.

International channels are now only broadcasting on satellite 118w and are no longer on the eastern arc. As a result, there are no mobile antennas capable of picking up these channels.

2 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY NOW AVAILABLE FOR $14.99 (Exclusive to Wally Receiver)
Protects against accidentals such as spills or drops for 2 years from time of purchase. View full terms.

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