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DISH TV promo offers – Create your own TV package $39.99
September 6, 2022 – 05:27 am
Videocon DTH TV: Promotions

If you have not heard the news, DISH is amping their services and deals this summer. And for good reason- Over-the-air and streaming services will do nothing but grow over the next few years. Traditional providers must become more competitive as a result.

Now is the best time ever to sign up for DISH TV.

However, PRICING MAY VARY based on where you sign up. That’s why all new customers should use the promo link below. It guarantees the best pricing available, which is $39.99 per month. Available for a limited time as these deals do change every month or two.

Right now new customers can sign up for DISH Network TV service for only $39.99 per month total price. And that price includes a 2 year price lock guarantee as well as several other bonus goodies.

The DISH Flex Pack promo deal includes the 50+ channel Flex package – which is a base channel pack made up of the popular essentials. Further customize by adding and dropping channels as you wish.

Bonus: In addition to the 50+ channel Flex package, select another channel pack of your choice for FREE. Choices include Local Pack, Family Pack, News Pack, and several more. You get to personalize your own TV plan with the channels you want.

Best of all with DISH there are absolutely No hidden Charges on your bill. Sign up for $39.99 and that’s all you pay each month.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of DISH Network TV service.

DISH Technology

Satellite service can seem very similar to cable. They typically offer the same selection of internet, TV, and and phone. However, that unto itself speaks to satellite TV’s success and growth. Initially a fallback for areas without cable access, satellite TV’s regional markets now overlap with cable companies.

DISH TV Packages

Subscribers can order DISH’s service packages individually or in bundles. Like other providers, subscribing to multiple services typically leads to discounts. DISH users can also customize their packages to accommodate service upgrades.


Satellite TV traditionally offers more channels than cable. DISH is no exception. Channels themselves also run the gamut, with plenty of options for each type of viewer. Unlike other TV providers, DISH actually has a more conservative channel setup. Viewers cannot customize their channel packages, at least beyond adding premium content. Pricing is also adjustable based off subscription length. One or two year plans cost less per month as a general rule.

America’s Top 120+

DISH’s basic TV package has 190+ channels in actuality. Those familiar with cable will recognize plenty of channels across genres. Satellite TV, DISH’s basic package also includes a combination of new channels that cater to niche interests. Our featured Dish Network Promotions above include this bundle for only $49.99.

News: Options like CNN, CNBC, C-SPAN, WGN, and FOX are all available. The America’s Top 120+ also features some rarer options, including Russia Today, Newsmax, and Free Speech TV.

Movies: FX, IFC, Hallmark, Lifetime, Disney, AMC, Reelz, TV Land, and USA all come with DISH’s basic package. Other channels include Freeform, getTV, and Velocity.

Entertainment: MTV, Spike, Syfy, E!, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Destination America, CMT, and Comedy Central all make an appearance.

Education: Viewers can enjoy the Food Network, Discovery, Home and Garden, History, TLC, and the Travel Channel. The are some less common channels too, like NASA, Destination America, and ARTs.

Sports: Big10, Fox Sports, and ESPN are some examples of sports channels. More notably, viewers can also access premium content like MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, and NHL Center Ice.

America’s Top 200+

DISH’s next tier of channels offers more diversity. Surprisingly, however, some are standard on most cable packages. The inclusion of these generic channels at this level, rather America’s Top 120+ package, is a little lopsided. In turn, however, DISH also offers a number of channels that other cable providers charge for individually. Going month-to-month with this option costs $79.99 while signing a two-year contract decreases it to $64.99 a month.

News: BBC America

Movies: Bravo, Esquire, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Sundance,

Entertainment: BET, Boomerang, Discovery Family, Disney Jr., Disney XD, Game Show Network, Viceland, Oxygen, Teen Nick

Education: Cooking Channel, FYI, Investigation Discovery, National Geographic,

Sports: CBS Sports Network, NFL Network

America’s Top 250+

DISH’s third tier offerings is their largest package. Niche channels are plentiful and there are some additional international options for those with the interest. Most notable is the entire Encore package’s inclusion. That alone adds eight more movie channels to select from. Of course, America’s Top 250 package also includes near every channel from DISH’s lower tiers. The month-to-month price is $89.99. Sign a two year contract to pay $74.99 instead.

News: Bloomberg Television, The Blaze

Movies: The entire Encore package, Fox Movie Channel, MoviePlex, The Movie Channel,

Entertainment: American Heroes Channel, Chiller, Fusion, Great American Country, VH1 Classic

Education: National Geographic Wild, RFD-TV, Smithsonian Channel, Z Living

Sports: Bein Sport, Fox Sports 2, Ride TV, Tennis Channel

DISH Premium Channel Packages

DISH’s current promotion offers three months of free premium channels. That’s a big deal if we consider the savings. Like other service providers, DISH can charge a hefty fee for each premium package.

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