Getting free satellite TV

DISH, Texas: Town Named To Get Free Satellite TV
September 13, 2022 – 07:44 am
EchoStar Communications had a

Directions:The town - such as it is - is midway between the towns of Ponder and Justin on Hwy 156. Turn west from 156 onto either Swafford or Eakin Cemetery Roads, drive three-quarters of a mile, and then turn left (from Swafford) or right (from Eakin Cemetery) onto Tim Donald Road. Drive three-quarters of a mile; town hall is on the east side. Phone:940-648-2040

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Town Named To Get Free Satellite TV

The DISH city sign is at the intersection of Eakins Cemetery Rd. and Highway 156.

Town Named To Get Free Satellite TV

DISH has a population of about 345. It was formerly named Clark after its founder, Landis Clark, who incorporated it in 2000 and served as its first mayor. Clark was beaten by one vote in the Spring 2005 election, and only six months later the town was officially renamed DISH in exchange for every household receiving a free DVR and free basic satellite service for ten years. At the council meeting when the measure was passed, only 12 people reportedly showed up.

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