DIRECTV VS Dish Reviews

Dish vs DirecTV
October 28, 2022 – 05:43 am
Dish Vs Comcast

For more information comparing DISH vs DirecTV, please visit and call 1-877-895-DISH (3474).

If you're looking to compare the two main satellite television companies, this video is for you. Dish vs DirecTV is a choice that requires some information to make, and this video will give you all the information you need.

If you're impatient: Our recommendation is Dish. Sign up for Dish at

I'm going to give you some history for the context of it all, tell you some similarities, their DVR hardware, services including customer support and their unique features, and most importantly, the price. Then, I'll give a final recommendation.

Satellite television got its start in 1962. In 1994 DirecTV was launched by its parent company, Hughes Electronics, and in 1996, DISH began operations under the parent company, EchoStar. In March of 2012, unveiled the Hopper, its DVR. Seven months later, in October of 2012, DirecTV released the Genie. 2013 brought the Sling box into the Hopper, which is an update, but a significant one, as now you can watch live and DVR television on your mobile device.

Both satellite-based television providers have higher customer satisfaction than any cable company, and fewer outages than the cable companies. They both also provide DVR hardware, which is the Hopper for DISH, and the Genie for DirecTV.

Now let's compare that hardware. One major benefit of DISH over DirecTV, is the DVR hardware.The Hopper allows you to skip commercials with Autohop. The Genie makes you speed up commercials and fast-forward through them. The Hopper has two terabytes of capacity which is about two thousand hours of recording time, while the Genie only has one terabyte of capacity or about one thousand hours. The Hopper allows you to record upto six things at a time, while the Genie allows only five recordings at a time. The Hopper has fifteen thousand Video On Demand titles, while the Genie only has seven thousand. The Hopper is a free upgrade with America's Top 120 or higher, which is $49.99 a month, while the Genie is a free upgrade with Entertainment package or higher, which is more expensive at $54.99 a month.

DISH and DirecTV are both ranked better than all cable companies for customer service, but DISH is ranked number one by JD Power and Associates. DISH has Sling which lets you watch live TV and DVR recordings on any device, anywhere in the world, whereas DirecTV Everywhere lets you watch live TV and DVR on any device, only in your home. DISH and DirecTV both have NFL Network and NFL Redzone, but only DirecTV offers NFL Sunday Ticket. For cool extra features, DISH has Flex TV, which is a no contract, no credit score, no credit card required option, and DirecTV has a phone app with a voice recognition.

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