Who invented the satellite Dish?

Rene Lalique: Inventor of the Satellite Dish
October 21, 2022 – 11:30 am
The Sims 4 Get to Work:

Rene Lalique Satellite Dish DesignIt was announced today that the great Frenchman Rene Lalique has been found by researchers to be the actual inventor of the Satellite Dish! Exhaustive research has uncovered the fact that Arthur C. Clarke, who until today was generally credited with being the inventor of the Satellite Dish, received the photographed object as a gift from Rene Lalique, and that the ideas for his seminal article titled “Extra-terrestrial Relays”, which appeared in the October 1945 edition of the British magazine Wireless World, were all inspired by the design and ideas embodied in this Rene Lalique object. Scientific researchers and the entire scientific community today stand in awe of the great Rene Lalique, who until this discovery, was thought to be only the inventor of modern jewelry, the man responsible for the modern perfume bottle industry, the greatest glassmaker in the history of the world, a world class creator of art objects, and an inventor of industrial techniques of historical proportions. Jaws are dropping from Cambridge Massachussets to Cambridge England as the true genius of the great Lalique has been revealed. Amazingly, Rene Lalique had such forsight, that he invented the Satellite Dish before there were even satellites! This historically important design by Lalique for the Satellite Dish is going up for auction on March 18th at Burstow & Hewett Auctions in Battle Abbey England. Listing information can be found in our Worldwide R Lalique at Auction Section. The auction house, which expects this amazing object to reach at least 5, 000, 000 British Pounds, has announced that all proceeds from the sale will go toward developing the UK equivelent of the SETI project in the United States. Until now, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence has been met with some scheptisim by many scientisits. But now that it’s known that the Great Lalique invented this dish before there were satellites, all major members of the scientific community agree that the only thing he could have in mind was to listen not for cable TV signals or GPS coordinates, but for E.T.! And based on the unmatched genius of Rene Lalique, the scientific community feels that if Lalique thought E.T. was out there, then E.T. must in fact exist. A worldwide effort is now underway to build additional SETI sites on half a dozen continents. Meanwhile, all biographers of Lalique are scrambling to re-write their books to incorporate these new findings, and both art and scientific scholars are pouring over the thousands of known Rene Lalique drawings, looking for further evidence of his scientific genius. And in a related matter, the Royal Academy has launched an investigation into Arthur C. Clarke’s failure to credit Rene Lalique with the basic ideas for the article which Clarke published in 1945. This investigation may result in the stripping of all previous honors given to Clarke by the Academy. Additional updates will be provided as news breaks.

For additional information on the life and works of the great Rene Lalique, check out the detailed Rene Lalique biography, here at RLalique.com.

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