How to switch from Dish to DirecTV?

If You Switch From Dish to DirecTV, Does Dish Need to Be There for the Install?
July 11, 2022 – 10:54 am

The new dish can be installed with the old dish still in place.If you're changing from Dish Network to DirecTV, a DirecTV installer will install a new satellite dish on the roof of your home. You will also need new receivers to attach to your televisions. The DirecTV installer will set up these receivers for you during installation. There's no need for a Dish Network installer to be present.

Dish Network Dishes

The Dish Network dishes installed on the roof of your house don't need to be removed before DirecTV installs its new dish. Removing the Dish Network dishes will be up to you. There's a piece on the Dish Network dish that needs to be removed and given back to Dish Network and you can easily remove this piece. When you call Dish Network to cancel your service, the representative will explain what needs to be removed and give you simple instructions on how to do this.

DirecTV Satellite Dish

The DirecTV installer will place the new dish on your roof right along side your Dish Network dish. The DirecTV dish is larger than the Dish Network dishes, but only one will be required rather than two as is often required when using Dish Network. Make sure the installer properly braces the new dish, especially if you live in an area prone to high winds.

Setting Up Receivers

Once the new dish is in place, the installer attaches receivers to your televisions. The installer will program the remotes to control the televisions that they will be operating. You'll need to return the Dish Network receivers to Dish Network. When you cancel your service, Dish Network will provide you with an address of an office near you where you can return the receivers and other equipment.

Acquiring a Signal

The DirecTV installer will work with the dish to acquire the necessary satellite signals. He may appreciate a second hand to inform him of the signal strength shown on the television as he makes adjustments to the placement of the dish. Once a strong signal has been acquired, the installer will finish the setup on each receiver and give you a quick tutorial on using the remote. Ask the installer for his cellphone number in case you have issues shortly after he leaves.

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