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November 28, 2018 – 10:44 am
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Channel and retail managers face many challenges in the present global and changing market. To thrive in this environment both manufacturers and distributors must be innovative in organizing, managing and supporting channels as well as being proactive in value delivering.
In this context, both excellence in management executive education and cutting-edge research play a crucial role. This is why SDA Bocconi, has created and launched the Channel & Retail Academy.

The Academy aims to become an international point of reference able to contribute to the professional growth of junior and senior executives by uniting SDA Bocconi's excellence in research and education with the know-how and relationships of corporate sponsors.

Sandro Castaldo
Scientific Director, Channel & Retail Academy

Executive Education

Managers of manufacturing, service and distribution firms can attend the Academy executive programs to gain a wider and more innovative perspective and strengthen their competences on channel marketing and retail management. When attending Academy programs, participants get more than an international executive education. Indeed, the Academy seeks to bring about lasting managerial experience thanks, in part, to its network and research.

The Academy includes three international executive programs:

Go to Market. Boost your channel leadership

This program provides manufacturing and service companies with an innovative perspective of channel management in order to transform it in a key competitive advantage. Adopting a strategic and international perspective, the program provides an in-depth assessment of the key issues involved in managing distribution channels. It focuses on innovative techniques and best practices in channel design and relationship management in all phases of the go to market process.

The Marketing in You. New frontiers for marketing and retail leaders

This program widens participant perspective from the distribution channel to the whole company strategy. It aims at providing food for thought for future leading marketers, by challenging conventional managerial marketing models, through a focus on the most relevant current issues in global marketing and commercial world. The initiative is a result of the cooperation between SDA Bocconi and ESADE Business School's Faculty."

Retail Manager. Empower your role in the distribution channels
Module 1: 5 days in face-to-face - Milano, 13-17 February 2017
Module 2: distance learning (2 days equivalent), February – April 2017

The program allows participants to develop a comprehensive array of skills in retail management, either through a physical or virtual store. It is addressed to managers from retail companies as well as from manufacturing and services companies involved in the development and management of distribution channels. It focuses on the mechanisms, models, instruments, and essential innovations for the management and development of a modern distribution business. Thanks to relationships with sustaining Companies, a few enrollments will be available for this program, at a reduced fee from 50% up to 100%.

Retailing Observatory

For years, the Retailing Observatory has contributed to the generation and publication of cutting-edge, specialist knowhow through national and international studies and research projects. It is a true driver of innovation and training for managers, businesses and organizations involved in managing distribution channels.

Research Papers

Sandro Castaldo, Director of the Channel & Retail Academy, presents the Research Paper: “Privacy concerns and customers’ information sharing intentions, a multi-country comparison” at the international conference: “Entrepreneurship, the Internet, and Fraud: Managerial and Policy Implications”
Big Data give companies the chance to collect a huge amount of information about their users. At the same time, they involves new types of risk to privacy. This paper presents the results of a study aimed at testing a cross-country multidimensional scale on Privacy concern and verifying the conceptual relation between the privacy concerns dimensions and the customer willingness to share data.

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