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Thread: Solid Signal's HANDS ON Review: HR54 Genie DVR
July 1, 2022 – 09:10 am
#15 The Harmony 300i Buttons

The HR54 has most of the same capabilities as the HR44, but does away with several obsolete and unnecessary parts in the interest of speed. Externally it's a very close cousin to the HR44, but don't try to use the front buttons. Gone is the touch-sensitive front panel, replaced by a single physical button similar to that found on the C41 Genie Mini Client. There's a record light just to the right, but the rest of the front panel is nothing but sheer black.

The access card and reset button have been relocated to the side, and the front loses its (useless) USB port.

Looking at the back of the HR54, there are a few things missing. There's no phone jack, meaning caller ID issues are a thing of the past. DIRECTV was rumored to have been experiencing problems with third-party VOIP systems and that may be the reason the phone line was finally dropped. Or, maybe it's just a nod to the fact that people don't use landline phones much anymore.

The component and composite connections from the HR44 are gone, replaced by a single connector. This 10-pin jack can be used for the H2510PIN or cables if you do need to connect another TV. Luckily, optical audio still remains, as does the USB connector for the AM21 antenna module. The HR54 uses the same EPS44 power supply as other Genie DVRs.

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