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DISH for Apartments - Condos - Other Properties
April 1, 2022 – 04:18 pm
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Give your residents the programming they want without the clutter. See what smartbox™ from DISH can do for your community.

What property types qualify as Apartments - Condos - Other Properties?

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • HOA
  • Universities
  • Outdoor
  • Hospitality and more!

DISH creates affordable custom solutions to meet your unique property needs. Our trained business specialists will work with you to customize the perfect solution for your property.

Get the best entertainment solution for your multi-family communities

Make your residents happy by giving them DISH as an option for their home entertainment. Best of all, no need for antennas on every balcony! We keep it clean and simple.

Introducing the

Getting DISH is easy!

Next a business professional will contact you to discuss different options for your property

After customizing the perfect solution for your property, we’ll work with you to setup an installation plan

Apartment Provides Satellite TV Option to Residents

An apartment owner wanted his tenants to have the option to subscribe to satellite television, but he wanted to prevent satellite dishes nailed to the side of his buildings, on balconies or in the lawn. Read More

Apartment Owner Finds Unexpected Solution

An apartment complex owner wanted to attract and retain more residents at her property. She wanted a high-speed internet provider to attract and retain residents who watch online video, work from home, or game online. Read More

DISH Saves Condo Residents Money with Bulk Services

The HOA at a condominium found residents were unhappy with the current cable company because of the rising prices and poor customer service they were receiving. Read More

DISH Helps RV Park Corporation Standardize Brand

A large RV Park corporation wanted a consistent solution at its parks around the country. They were well aware today’s RVers are more demanding than in years past and wanted to meet their demands. Read More

DISH makes TV Easy at Marina

A large marina was tired of handing out and collecting set-top boxes every time it rented a slip to a customer who wanted to be able to watch television. Read More

Can I put DISH in my property?

Yes! DISH offers a wide variety of programming tailored to meet the needs of your property.

Where do I submit an RFP (Request for Proposal) for DISH Programming and Installation?

Please send a completed RFP to:

DISH Commercial Services
ATTN: Multi-Family Sales
9601 S.Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112

Can I receive music through the system?

Yes! DISH offers tons of channels of commercial-free music that can be used for background music, on-hold music or for your personal entertainment.

Where should I mail my bill?

Please mail your payment to the following address:

DEPT 0063

Remember the following:
1. Include the payment stub from your bill with your check or money order.
2. Write your DISH account number on your check or money order.
3. Never send cash.

How are FTG locations billed for DISH programming?

We bill for programming services in advance. DISH will bill customers on a monthly basis according to the monthly programming packages you choose. Your monthly billing cycle is based on the date you activate service. This date cannot be changed. If your payment does not reach us by the date printed on your bill, we reserve the right to charge a late fee. If your bill is exceptionally late, we reserve the right to disconnect your service.

Which credit cards does DISH accept for payment?

DISH accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

Does every room require its own receiver?

We can help design a system that fits your property, needs and budget. There are times when it is more advantageous to have a receiver in every room, but it is not necessary for DISH service.

My service has been disconnected due to non-payment. What do I do?

If your service has been disconnected, call us at 800-454-0843 and we can take your credit card payment.

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