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DISH Phone Service: Is It Your Ideal Connection?
June 13, 2023 – 03:38 pm
DISH Network Satellite TV is not affiliated with DISH Network and is operated by DirectStarTV, a DIRECTV authorized dealer.

With an estimated 14 million customers, DISH Network is the second-largest satellite television service in America. DISH bundle offers make it possible for consumers to purchase other products in addition to satellite TV, including telephone service.

Information on DISH Phone Bundles

The following sections provide some basic details about phone bundles available from DISH Network, as well as other DISH bundling options.

DISH bundle partners

DISH phone bundles are available through the company’s associate providers, which include telecommunications companies such as:

  • Windstream
  • Frontier
  • CenturyLink
  • TDS Telecom

DISH phone bundles are also available through the company’s associate providers, so consumers have the opportunity for comparison shopping.


Digital phone and Internet coverage areas for DISH’s partner providers vary. Availability could be limited based on your location. Shoppers can check service areas by visiting the DISH website or its partners’ websites and searching by city, street address and ZIP Code.

Calling features

Some of the features that may be available with a DISH phone bundle include unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and call waiting. Features vary by calling plan and provider.

Managing accounts

DISH customers have separate online accounts to manage their bundled services. DISH offers an autopay option for all bundled services.

DISH Phone and Internet Bundles

Satellite television shoppers also have the option of bundling Internet service along with TV and phone. As with phone service, DISH offers high-speed Internet through its partner providers. DISH Network also offers its own satellite Internet service known as dishNet.

What Are the Benefits of Bundling?

Consider some of the reasons why consumers bundle various home services:

  • Discounts — Some bundles include discounts or reduced fees. In the case of DISH Network, monthly discounts may be available for bundling telephone service, high-speed Internet or both with a qualifying DISH TV package.
  • Convenient shopping — Bundling can be a time-saving strategy for consumers. It offers one-stop shopping as opposed to visiting multiple websites to compare offers and providers.
  • Streamlined billing — Bundles may include consolidated billing to help consumers pay monthly fees at once rather than separately.

About DISH Network

Formerly a subsidiary of EchoStar, DISH Network became an independent company in 2008. DISH had previously served as the consumer brand for EchoStar’s satellite TV subscription service, launched in 1996. Company headquarters is located in Englewood, Colorado.

Compare DISH Phone Bundles with Other Bundling Options

Many companies, including satellite TV provider DIRECTV, also offer bundled services. To make sure you make the best choice, compare DISH Network phone bundles with other options to see which one provides the best fit.

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