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February 5, 2017 – 12:14 am
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Best Satellite Reviews Compare Satellite TV Providers

Satellite TV Providers - DirecTV vs. Dish Network

Welcome to Best Satellite TV Reviews. Here we provide you with unbiased, up-to-date reviews of the two best satellite TV providers - DISH (Dish

Dish Network Deals, Packages, and Services

The best deals for satellite TV are now being offered by Dish Network TV.

TelevisionSatellite TV - How Does It Work

Satellite TV is a system for watching television in which a broadcast center sends a signal to a satellite and the satellite sends it back to Earth. Here's

Cable TV Vs Satellite TV - Which One Is The Best?

In recent years, cable TV companies have been losing customers while the Dish Network is gaining customers. There are many reasons for this

Dish Network Packages And Channels

Dish Network has four packages with more than 330 channels and 200 HD channels, including movie channels, satellite radio channels, pay-per-view

Dish vs. Directv PictureDirecTV Packages And Channels

DirecTV has five packages with more than 315 channels and 185 HD channels, including movie channels, satellite radio channels, pay-per-view | | | |

Reviews "Have been a dish TV customer for many years. Great Service - Nice to have internet available." Joanna H Billings, Montana "I have been with DirecTV for 9 years and have loved every minute. A couple of years ago, I called DTV when my job was not giving raises & they reduced my bill by $20/month! They have the best customer service I have ever seen. ...This is a 5-Star operation that I would (& do) recommend to anyone." Lisa J.Satellite TV Picture Durham, NC “I had cox cable for many years, and I want to say it is great to be with dish network again. I have the hopper, I like this because I can watch tv anywhere I go on my ipad 2, say like if i'm at an hotel, or somewhere.” Cameron Roanoke City, VA "We are brand new customers and have run into a few problems (primarily things that were simply a lack of understanding on our part)! All issues were addressed promptly and efficiently by your very knowledgeable and highly trained personnel! We are an older couple and everyone has gone above and beyond to be kind and helpful! Our sincerest thanks!" Nancy K. Culpeper, Virginia

Cable Vs. Satellite TV Picture Dish Customer Service Girl DirecTV Customer Service Girl
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